Get A New Web Site … And All The Support You Need

The Old Way

Pay too much for a web site, pay extra for a web designer to make changes as needed.

The Difficult, Expensive, Time Consuming, Expensive Way To Get A Web Site With No Free Support:

1. Hire a web designer for $1,000 to $3,000.

2. Sign up for a web hosting for $25/mo.

3. Figure out how to buy and attach your domain name to your site.

4. Get a SSL key to make your web site secure $50-$100/yr.

5. Figure out how to get your email and web forms setup right.

6. Figure out how to install Google analytics to monitor traffic.

7. Pay your web designer every time you want changes made.

The New Way
Get a new web site, everything you need, full support and the ability to update it yourself.
The Easy, Cheap, Fast, Way To Get A Web Site, With All The Support You Need:

1. Order our done for you web site package for $500 + $100/mo

  • Choose a layout below. Or, show us any web site you like and we will create one that looks similar.
  • We create your web site on the popular WordPress platform.
  • We host your web site.
  • We attach your domain name.
  • We install a secure SSL key.
  • We setup  your email and web form.
  • We install Google analytics so you can monitor traffic.
  • We show you how to change or add content.
  • Or, we can make any web site changes for you.
  • A backup of your web site is sent to you.
  • Bonus: Free Google business page setup with text & images.
  • Bonus: Free weekly report shows where you rank on Google.
  • Bonus: Monitor your online customer reviews.

$500 Web Site  + $100/mo Support Package